SmartTOP for Porsche Boxster 718

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Enjoy the sunny side of life more efficiently with the unique SmartTOP module and upgrade your convertible to become even more intelligent. At the touch of a button, open and close your convertible top from a distance. Or operate the top while moving.

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Remote control of convertible top
Open/Close your convertible top using the original factory remote control key / key fob.
One-Touch power convertible top
"One-Touch" convertible top operation allows your top to open or close automatically.
Passive / Invisible mode
Turn the whole module off with an easy key sequence. Ideal when letting someone else drive your car.
Reversible installation
Remove any time allowing sale or return of a leased vehicle in its original condition.
Separate window control
Raise and lower the windows separately by remote without activating the top.
Top convenience mode
Turning the ignition on or off does not interrupt convertible top operation.
Automatically turn the radio volume setting down whenever the car is started.
Home Light
Remotely activate the front and tail lights for 30 or 60 seconds.
Keyless Go top control (Cabrio)
Open and close the top by touching the door handle three times (keyless entry required).
Chirp-signal function
When locking and/or unlocking the car, the horn sounds briefly if desired.
USB Port for easy setup / updates
This module can be configured and updated using any Mac or PC.