OBD-Blocker BMW X5 F15

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Make it thieves much more difficult with our OBD – blocker. 

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Make it thieves much more difficult with our OBD – blocker.

With our new car-theft-protection, a favorite way to steal cars will be prevented. To imitate the owner car key by overwriting the ECU, is a very common way to steal cars in Europe every day. Car thieves get into your car e.g. by blocking the closing signal sent by remote key fob. This also prevents the alarm activation of your car alarm signal. In the car, thieves connect an electronic device to the OBD-sensor to “tell” the ECU there is a “new key” (which does not exist, of course). With this imaginary key, the car stars without any problems.

Our OBD-blocker avoids the unauthorized access to the OBD-sensor and the ECU without an original car key and, due to car type and model, causes an alarm signal. The module is covered in the car and installed safely and hard coded. So it can not be bypassed or extracted quickly by car thieves.

Due to an USB-port integrated in the module, you stay up-to-date every time. Software updates or function extensions can be installed easily.


PLEASE NOTE: OBD-blocking with honk.